The station that raised $170,000

Well, the tallies are in and once again the dedicated team at CJSW is amazed by the outpouring of community support for its annual funding drive.

“We’re really happy,” beamed CJSW Station Manager Chad Saunders. “We’re really fortunate that the support is as strong as it is.”

This year’s drive raked in just under $170,000, surpassing their goal of $160,000 and leaving last year’s total of $150,000 in the dust.

This year was also the first funding drive with their new broadcast tower, now with 4,000 watts reaching all of Calgary and stretching far into surrounding communities. Donations came in from as far afield as High River and Okotoks.

“We hadn’t seen that before,” commented Saunders.

Not only did the new tower draw more donations from afar, but the team noticed an increased number of people donating. As well, 80 per cent of these donations are already collected, in contrast with the 50 or 60 per cent rates averaged in the world of phone donation drives. This kind of support suggests CJSW is recruiting and retaining new listeners.

This year, the website was “top-notch,” boasting a “scratch-and-sniff” feature where potential donors could check out prizes and events. However, Saunders said he would have liked to have it up earlier, and he looks to improve a few other minor things for next year.

“CJSW is good at running a radio, not ordering t-shirt colours,” he conceded.

Next on their plate is moving their offices to the third floor of MacEwan Student Centre. Saunders is thrilled about the success of the funding drive because moving and renovations will be costly.

“CJSW is ready to move, the community wants us to move,” said Saunders of his ongoing operating agreement negotiations with the Students’ Union. “I trust it will be done by the end of the year.

“Students’ Union Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston wants to get it done, we want to get it done,” concluded Saunders.

CJSW is still accepting donations. Go down to their offices in MSC or visit

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