Always together

How can I possibly put into words how much Joah and Brian have meant to me, and have affected my life? The joy and enthusiasm these two brought to everything they did was absolutely incredible.

When I think of Brian and Joah I can’t picture one without the other. It’s true they led separate lives until a year ago, but when they finally came together, magic happened. We may have gotten annoyed that everywhere Brian was, Joah was and vise-versa, but we all know we were just trying to cover up our jealousy. How could you not be jealous of them, the love and happiness they shared with each other and infectiously spread to everyone around them?

I would like to think I’m special and say I had something to do with them getting together, but I can only dream. Not even I could get in the way of something so obviously meant to be.

As I sit here and rack my brain I am finding it hard to come up with really cool or exciting things we did together. Maybe that’s just it, maybe it was the fact that we didn’t have to do anything special. It was all those times spent sitting around, laughing and telling stories that leave the biggest impression. It’s the easiness I felt when I was with them. I was never worried about what I did or said. If it was great they would tell me, if it was stupid they would be the first ones to shake their heads, then laugh with me about it.

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