Always together

How can I possibly put into words how much Joah and Brian have meant to me, and have affected my life? The joy and enthusiasm these two brought to everything they did was absolutely incredible. When I think of Brian and Joah I can’t picture one without the other. It’s true they led separate lives… Continue reading Always together

A faculty remembers

On behalf of the students of the Faculty of Communication and Culture, I would like to extend my sympathy to the families of both Brian and Joah. Joah had been a student in our faculty and just like her fellow classmates contributed to making it a positive, invigorating, and energetic environment. I am sure all… Continue reading A faculty remembers

Rugby teams remember

Two people who no one can ever forget… the memories they left with all of us will be everlasting. Brian was a fierce warrior on the field and fought with his heart…off the field it was his heart that made him such a brilliant person. Joah, like Brian, had a heart that could only love…it… Continue reading Rugby teams remember

Students remember

The first person I met at University (as a terrified U of C 101 student), Brian left a deep lasting impression. Both Brian and Joah were hilarious, hard-working, fun-loving and involved. Many of us can say that we cried just as much two nights ago, as we laughed the first day we met them. On… Continue reading Students remember