Heatbreak doesn’t kill

So it’s really over, the relationship you put so much time and energy in to. Oh well, welcome to freedom, something that you have to get used to again.

It appears within my group of girlfriends as soon as one of us breaks up with the significant other all of us follow. Not intentionally, but it happens. It is almost as though we have to be single together.

As a standing single and a confidant to my friends, I have witnessed my fair share of heartache and have perfected getting over the no-longer-significant other quickly and neatly, all while having a lot of fun and getting revenge on the evil doer.

There are a number of ways of getting over the one that got away, and in the end you’ll be happy they got away, because you are fabulous and can do much better. There are a number of quick fixes, the first being "Retail Therapy."

Retail therapy is a great stress relief and boosts your wardrobe size. Some say shopping is a chick thing, but it can help guys as well. Go out buy a new hockey blade, skate board or whatever turns your crank. Retail therapy makes you smile because you have a great new outfit that will make the no-longer-significant other drool when they set eyes on you.

Second, return to the gym. With a significant other in the way, you might not have had time to pursue other activities, so when you are single you have the much-needed free time. The gym will allow you to blow off steam and relieve stress. It will also get you a better body, making the ex grovel and their new less-than-significant other feel like they can’t measure up.

As productive as the above seem, having so much free time can lead to wasting it doing counter-productive things.

One not always recommended due to the negative consequences is having a few with the crew. Getting sloshed is not recommended because it may lead to drunk calling the ex at two in the morning begging desperately for them to take you back, embarrassing the hell out of yourself, or to the least desirable and most dangerous of all consequences becoming an alcoholic. Remember keep the drinking to a minimum, alcohol may increase or decrease the pain, but in the morning you will have more than a just a heartache, you will have a hangover in the mix. Not a fun combination.

The next fun activity is that of finding Mr. or Mrs. Right-now. That’s right I said it, the one-night stand. Just remember Trojans are your friends. If you are not too keen on the one-night stand, call up your friend with benefits, you have them in waiting for this exact reason. The one-night stand is a great way to boost your ego and have a great time.

The rebound is the next quick fix. These people are not the people you will marry, they are the jump in and ask questions later. You don’t necessarily know too much about them and you don’t care, you just had too much free time and needed to fill it. They are great people, but not your type.

However, the number-one way of getting over the heartbreaker is to go out looking fabulous and not change anything you do, just because they may be there. Continue to do everything you did before them and pick up a few new things. If by chance you see them, play nice, causing a scene will make you look pathetic. Say hi and be on your way. This will make them realize they didn’t affect you that much, which will make them cringe.

As a single girl on campus I choose to live my life and look at the breakup not as defeat but as regaining my freedom and individuality. As some dead guy once said, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger, and I believe that a break-up doesn’t kill anyone, no matter who the heartbreaker is.

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