Interesting times ahead

The new Students’ Union General Manager has been selected. Jeff Marshall formally took his position Thu., Oct. 9, after several months of deliberation by the SU.

Marshall’s previous job was at Corporate Express, an inter-business supplier in Toronto. He was the president of the southern Alberta region for two and a half years before coming to the SU.

"It’s a very exciting environment," Marshall said, adding the tasks headed by the GM range from student services to food court businesses.

The GM’s job is to lead SU staff in monetary decisions. Marshall replaces GM Bryan Pryde, now in Australia, was noted for his success in dealing with the recently finished MacEwan Hall expansion.

"The last GM did a tremendous job," Marshall said. "He created the building."

Marshall will spend the next few weeks with the SU staff and elected officials learning and prioritizing the budget.

"I would like to maximize the services the last GM created," he said.

Marshall’s short-term goals include finishing the new location for the SU Used Bookstore and Copy Centre. He plans to use their spaces for more seating in the food court.

"We need to make sure we maximize the space for students," Marshall explained, emphasizing his priority for spending on projects immediately benefitting students.

"I see so much potential as I walk around," he smiled.

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