The road of life takes a detour

It was a cold and friendless Friday night. My ride stood me up, so I was forced to tough it out on the train. My destination was amongst the shadowy remnants of warehouses down by the river, the “Pumphouse.”

I got off the train, running west. The cold air bit my skin, but all I could think about was the blood, the blood that would spill if I were late. When I showed up, it was dark, and the air was thick with the stench of sweat. There was a sign, this was a mob hit…

Oh, never mind, I’m speaking in film noir again.

Mob Hit Productions presents Michel Marc Bouchard’s new play, Down Dangerous Passes Road, an intricate blend of video and theatre, complete with a film-style trailer to promote the play.

Three brothers find themselves reunited after many years for the wedding day of the youngest, Carl (Patrick MacEachern). The brothers lead very different lives–Ambrose (Geoff Woods), the art aficionado, and Victor (Nate Prochnau), the nature nut–but together they guard a very old and deadly secret.

The story begins with a truck accident. Ambrose finds himself alone in the woods, talking to himself, repeating the same lines over and over, round and round, as if locked in a devilish theme park ride.

At first, it’s easy to think the play is redundant, or that the actors can’t remember where the play is going. Then it strikes like a triple-espresso: there’s method to this repetitious madness.

With seasoned, adept stage talent and an abundance of local behind-the-scenes finesse, Mob Hit manages to put on a great light and sound show to complement the writing and acting.

Though the Pumphouse is hell to get to, the prize at the end of the road is worth it. Just make sure you get a ride.

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