Yeah, it’s pretty good. Not great, just good.

For those who haven’t heard the news, the mish-mash-of-all-things-British band Coldplay has released a two disc set of material from their 2003 world tour. With its clever title and both a DVD and a CD, the set seems to be more of a stab at raking in as much money while this group is at the top than a bona fide release. Then again, what live disc isn’t?

Containing mostly crowd pleasers spanning their huge two-album career, the disc sounds like a radio station devoting an evening to the band’s achievements and mixing in a noisy audience track. While some tracks have extra intros or extended solos, the disc showcases the bands lack of imagination in the transformation of their songs.

Of the two previously unreleased tracks, "Moses" fairs much better as a Coldplay track than the sloppy rock of "The One I Love," but it’s still nowhere near the calibre of the band’s released material.

All in all, the disc might be a good reminder for fans that saw them at the Saddledome, but is definitely not required listening.

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