Death In Vegas

By Myke Atkinson

Death in Vegas have always worn their influences brightly and without shame. Since the day I heard the wicked grungy beats of “Dirt” off their debut album I have been in love with the band, so let me share some of that love with you.

Scorpio Rising is the pair of producers’ third offering to date and is no exception to the group’s history of the most rocking electronic songs around.

The disc opens with a pair of tracks that go hand-in-hand. "Leather" and "Girls" pronounce Richard Fearless and Tim Holmes’ love for synths through distortion pedals and drums that have been overdriven to perfection, with the second track having Susan Dillane provide the haunting and captivating ooh’s and aah’s that drive it. They’re truly perfect.

"Hands Around My Throat" is the first single off Scorpio Rising, and is the catchiest Primal Scream song you’ve never heard. Oh, and then there’s the song where the group get Liam Gallagher on the mic, taking listeners back to the days before Oasis became a bunch of snobby shits and actually released good music.

Now for my plea: stop burning mix discs and just go pick up this album, it’ll be the best compilation you’ve ever heard, I promise.

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