Report card: Football


On the defensive side of the ball, Ryan Folk and Agustin Barrenechea were a force. They made consistent tackles and kept opponents’ gains to a minimum. Dan Federkeil anchored the D-line again in 2003, keeping opponents away from the running game–for the most part.

Offensively, Charles Guedo’s ability to hurt you with his arm or legs was a bonus. A mobile quarterback is an asset, however, he got picked off too often when pressured. Drew Carpenter had to fill Jamie Elliot’s sizeable cleats, and did so admirably–he will be dangerous next fall.


With the exception of the rout against Simon Fraser University to close the season, the Dinos played four quarters of football each time out, they just didn’t always play well. The 37-35 squeaker against the University of Regina Rams was an example of their complacency, as a second-half lead was wasted by the secondary not playing tight on their receivers. There are too many decent teams in Canada West that will come back if you give them the chance. The extra effort is what puts a W in the standings.


Head Coach Tony Fasano, what were you thinking with the exhibition game down South when your team started 3-0? There would have been some hurt feelings, but your job is to make this team a winner. The risk of injury and the ensuing embarrassing loss was a turning point for the Dinos. Confidence had to be rattled, even just a little, as the Dinos went on to get stomped in the Land of Living Skies by the University of Saskatchewan Huskies. This was Fasano’s first year without a playoff berth, so look for a fired-up coach next year.


Losing in the first round of the playoffs and missing the post-season by means of scoring differential are just about the same. The Dinos beat the University of Manitoba Bisons, which they couldn’t do last year, and played the University of Alberta tight in both contests. In a game of inches, the Dinos moved back one. As long as they understand what they need to improve, there is no reason they can’t be 6-2 in 2004. Knowing how to improve is just as important as doing it.

Overall: C

Country: France. The team looked great in the beginning, but when the going got tough, they packed up.

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