Geoff Berner

By Kevin Rothbauer

“When I held her head as she puked Absinthe off the Charles Bridge it was a tender and a glamorous sight.”

Witty and sincere, Geoff Berner could easily be one of Canada’s top songwriters, if only he was a little more hesitant about being risque. He has pointed out in concert that several of his songs could be huge hits (for another performer) if he didn’t go and blow it with a bizarre bridge. Berner has remained under the radar due to his choice of instrument: the accordion. It works for him though, as he meshes the squeezebox with his lyrics about Prague barflies, the Maginot Line and dating a pornstar.

The barebones sound of Berner and his accordion, supplemented by only a few guest instruments, captures the intimate and irreverent spirit of his live shows. Guests include members of the Be Good Tanyas, who are among Berner’s many admirers in the Canadian roots music scene.


The Weakerthans–Reconstruction Site

Jay Farrar–Terroir Blues