U-Pass does not anger reader

By Jason W. Robertson

Editor, the Gauntlet,

I realize slamming the U-Pass is the "in" thing, but has anyone considered the fact that people actually use it?

The point everyone seems to be missing is that the U-Pass is, indeed, more than just a free train ride. It’s the only way for a significant number of students to get to school without paying through the nose. Are people forgetting how much it costs to buy a vehicle in the first place, let alone to fuel, insure, park and maintain it? More importantly, are they forgetting that not everyone has time for a job because of their schedules? Of course, we could still take transit to school without the U-Pass, but why would anyone want to pay more than four times as much for the same service? Is that even close to logical?

No, the system isn’t perfect. It would be far better if the people who drive to school could opt out somehow, even if it cost the rest of us a few dollars extra, but they can’t. Ultimately, they should be working on solving that problem instead of trying to abolish the U-Pass altogether, because it’s actually a good idea. It gives drivers a fallback in case they’re ever stuck without their cars, and it’s a relatively convenient way for everyone else to get around.

So before you dispose of such an "awful" service, why don’t you take the time to actually talk to people? You might find someone that needs it.

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