Barski’s Cabinet’s Mike Bosch wins VP External

By Katie Hobday

The highly coveted position of Students’ Union Vice-President External was decided last week as voting ended and the election frenzy died down. With five hopefuls vying for the position, the results showed a clear victory for Barski’s Cabinet member Mike Bosch.

“When it all comes down, students decide who they want to represent and lead the SU,” said Action Party Candidate Mark Scholz, who was fourth with 843 votes. “I would like to thank the voters, the students for their support in my campaign and candidacy. It is humbling that so many of you placed your support behind me.”

Kevin Maloney, a current Ext- ernal Commissioner, felt he campaigned the hardest and his second place finish with 947 votes shows that.

“For my campaign I had neither the most SU experience with a big club behind me, a campaign managed by the current SU President with Liberal Party backing or entire slate campaigning on my behalf as in the case of the Action Party and Barski’s Cabinet,” said Maloney.

Jim Bailey, also a current External Commissioner, thought the election was interesting overall, both as a candidate and as a voter.

“With respect to my campaign, I had a lot of fun in it, specifically talking to students and trying to get some feedback on what students’ problems were,” said Bailey, who was last with 769 votes.

These sentiments were echoed by Robbie Schuett, adding there was more interest this year than any other year.

“I really wanted to create an awareness and interest among students, both in SU-related issues and in issues external to the university,” said Schuett, who finished third with 857. “Perhaps the SU interest has been accomplished because of this election and now it becomes the VP External’s job to create the awareness of the external issues.”

Bosch could not be reached for comment.

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