Male volleysaurs extinct for now

By Dale Miller

Like the auto-cannibalistic Orobouros, the Dino men’s volleyball team came full circle and ended their season the same way they started it–by losing to the Trinity Western University Spartans.

The volleysaurs met their demise in close but convincing fashion, falling 3-0 (25-15, 25-21, 25-23) Fri., Feb. 13, and 3-1 (25-21, 25-23, 21-25, 25-15) Sat., Feb. 14.

Three things contributed to the losses: Sean Kendal’s weekend-long absence due to sickness, the matches taking place in Trinity’s low-roofed gymnasium where they only lost one match all season and problems the volleysaurs have been facing consistently–inexperience and a lack of cohesion.

“The season as a whole has been a springboard for next fall,” explained a dissapointed yet optimistic Dinos Head Coach Greg Ryan. “It’s like compound interest at the bank–the more you get into the cycle, the more the dividends come back to you.”

While the Dinos are a solid team, they don’t have the elite talent required for success in the nations toughest conference. Sean Kendal is the lone exception, with his newly attained position as a Canada West Second Team All Star. This lack of elite talent is something Ryan will address in his recruiting over the summer.

“We’re looking at some good local recruits,” stated a cautious Ryan. “But you gotta go through the hoops and make sure they get into school before you start shooting your mouth off.”

With a large number of players returning next year, the work they’ve done to gain trust and cohesiveness won’t be wasted. Consider this season as training for the next.

“I hate losing and I want to win too,” said Ryan. “But you can’t critisize the amount of effort that these guys have put in–come back and watch us next fall.”