President – Bryan West

While he may not like to hear it, Bryan West is the candidate of the old guard. Running primarily on a platform of minor readjustments and fine tuning, West is starkly contrasted by a number of other candidates running on radical platforms seeking to overhaul the Students’ Union.

That said, West’s understanding of both the potential of the SU and the inefficiencies inherent to it make it more likely he will be able to achieve his modest goals. Focusing on quality education and quality experience as his primary vision statements, West looks to fulfill his vision by building a base for a forward-looking three-year plan.

West has numerous specific, tangible ideas to achieve his broader vision of quality, including a continued critical analysis of SU businesses and levies with the Operations and Finance portfolio, a promise to fix the existing pay structure for SU commissioners to allow them to focus more of their energies on the SU, and an intensified effort to bring student concerns to the community at large.

He also acknowledges his personal political affiliation to the Liberal Party and vows to keep it separate from his professional, non-partisan role as SU President. This has been a problem of current SU President Jayna Gilchrist in the eyes of many of her critics, so it is a promise West cannot afford to break.

In the final analysis, West under- stands the scope of the position, the limitations of the organization, the long-term goals established by this year’s council and he knows how to move things forward.

How will you effectively represent students and the SU to the general public?

“We need to keep getting out to organizations where the community already meets,
like library committees, which we have already started doing.”

What is your strategy when approaching tuition?

“We absolutely have to get the community on side, as a long-term vision, and increasing
media attention through protest–though that shouldn’t be the primary focus.”

How will you effectively communicate with students?

“By piggybacking on things we already do, such as Cinemania. I personally also
want to be the type of President who is on the ground, and recognizable to people.”

How will you lead the SU?

“By taking a professional attitude and being proactive. Thinking ahead of time
what the problems might be and acting ahead of time.”

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