President – Christopher Ng

Ambition and idealism should never obscure reason.

Case in fact: Christopher Ng.

A relatively inexperienced and inactive member of this year’s academic commission, Ng blames his lack of productivity primarily on current Vice-President Academic Demetrios Nicolaides, saying he “doesn’t give me anything to do.”

His solution? Running for president.

The inherent problem in that logic is the idea Ng would suddenly conjure up ideas once he assumes the role of leader and chief visionary for the entire organization.

Sorry, but it just doesn’t make sense.

That’s not to say Ng hasn’t cobbled together some solid ideas to bring to students in his bid for the presidency, however. He wants to use faculty representatives more effectively in the tuition fight, by establishing the needs of their respective faculties. He wants to hold trimesterly goal setting and informational sessions with every elected official. He wants to involve commissioners a great deal more, giving them specific tasks and looking to them for ideas on the direction of the union.

The problem? Almost all these ideas confined to academic portfolio and Ng barely speaks to media relations, external priorities and a plethora of other central aspects of the presidency.

Ng would have been better suited for a run at VP Academic, and would have been hard pressed to win that position. As a presidential candidate, he falls woefully short.

How will you effectively represent students and the SU to the general public?

“Bring the media to us, to portray the good news and ensure we aren’t merely reacting
to bad news.”

What is your strategy when approaching tuition?

“We can’t ignore the tuition fight. We can’t ignore the need to give students
something worthwhile as a morale booster.”

How will you effectively communicate with students?

“Have more open sessions in the domain of the students. Students will respond
to that, students like to bitch.”

How will you lead the SU?

“By getting all the elected officials on track at the beginning… and ensuring
they’re evaluated and kept on track every trimester.”‘

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