President – Sonia Bloomer

It’s like the little engine that could, except it’s not likely Sonja Bloomer can.

That’s not intended as a slight in any way to her dedication, motivation or passion, but as an honest assessment of the fact Bloomer doesn’t understand the scope, nature or responsibility of the position she seeks.

Like many frustrated students who run for office, her platform is peppered with vision statements like “increasing student involvement,” “uniting the Students’ Union,” and “finishing renovations.” However, Bloomer is unaware of the current state of affairs with the union and has no concrete, applicable ideas on how to achieve any of her goals.

Aside from espousing support for a multi-denominational prayer space (which is already in the process of being provided) and a women’s centre (an issue already dealt with at great length in Students’ Legislative Council this year), Bloomer’s promises are generic and non-descript.

Like so many candidates in the past, Bloomer wants to give back to the SU by getting involved. Unfortunately, she also mirrors many former candidates by wanting to start at the top rather than contribute at a level she is qualified to.

She has the makings of a fine commissioner, but is nowhere near capable of stepping in as head of the organization.

How will you effectively represent students and the SU to the general public?

“By providing good leadership and uniting the Students’ Union through that leadership.”

What is your strategy when approaching tuition?

“Working hard with the VP External and being very vocal on campus, aiming for
a reduction of 50 per cent in the tuition hike.”

How will you effectively communicate with students?

“By setting good office hours, by being aware of student issues and being very
active and visible on campus.”

How will you lead the SU?

“By building relationships with the elected officials and the staff, by earning
their respect and leading by example.”

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