VP Events – Alex Vyskocil

Vyskocil is easily the best candidate for VP Events. He is knowledgeable from his service in the events commission, enthusiastic about the job, has a good blend of visions for the SU, and has ideas to implement these visions.

Vyskocil has been a key component of current VP Events Richard “Krafty” Bergen’s commission, at times running the show as much as Bergen did himself. He created the Beat Lounge, and participated in organizing many other events over his term. He understands the importance of a unified and active commission, and seeks to engage his commission early on in the term and put the members to their full use in planning and running events.

His enthusiasm, coupled with his knowledge about the portfolio, promise to lead him through a successful term of upgrading classic events like Wired Wednesday, while creating new events to enhance the student experience. His happy personality almost guarantees he will be effective at maintaining good relationships and communication, both with other members of the executive and with students.

Vyskocil also hopes to recognize various groups around campus. He wants to re-implement Rez Night at the Den, and he promises to listen to the needs of other campus groups and causes.

The only risk Vyskocil takes with his platform is aiming too high. He has an abundance of great new ideas, and if he can get his commission active and inspired he will experience an effective year as VP Events.

What is your stance on corporate sponsorship of events?

“The Students’ Union doesn’t need corporate sponsorship. As a student body, getting
sponsors isn’t something the Students’ Union needs to do. I’m not in favour of
corporate sponsorship.”

How do you plan on enhancing the student experience?

“First thing: you’ve got to use communication a lot better. You’ve got to get
not just posters out there; the best events are the ones that are flyered the
most. I think communication is a big thing, and also using the facilities and
the staff a lot better.”

How will you work with campus groups included in your portfolio?

“I would meet with them regularly. With Rez, I would definitely go to every RSA
meeting. I want to work with Dinos a lot better. I will join Safewalk, because
I am currently not a member. It’s all about meetings and figuring out what everyone

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