VP Events – Spencer Brown

It is unfortunate Brown is not running for Events Commissioner, a position he would be much better suited to. He lacks a succinct platform vision of his own, and appears to be an odd addition to the Action Party, who have a minor concern about events.

If Brown gets elected, one thing is guaranteed: we will all see more benefit concerts–and not much else. Brown’s qualifications consist mostly of concert promotion, and his ideas for VP Events reflect that.

He is currently planning a benefit concert for the proposed women’s centre, and spoke of a similar event for the Muslim Students’ Association.

Brown’s ideas for other events seem lacklustre and secondary, and it is easy to tell his primary concern for the events portfolio is music and concerts around campus.

Brown is moderately knowledgeable about the role he seeks. He is, however, noticeably lacking in knowledge about key issues of the past term. He knows how the position works for the most part and knows how to do an average job, but he lacks the vision and enthusiasm to propel him to the typically hard to reach upper echelon of VP Events glory.

Had Brown been running for the Events Commission, he would have made an excellent concert organizer. He would probably have a great deal more success in such a position but, as it stands, Brown is hardly the best man for the job.

What is your stance on corporate sponsorship?

“I think that it is perfectly reasonable to have some corporate sponsorship, and
since we are in the current political climate that we are in this province, it’s
kind of a necessity. So far as actually renaming something like Mac Hall, I’m
not a fan of the idea.”

How do you plan on enhancing the student experience?

“More advertising. Just so that anyone, anywhere can be aware of the things that
are going on around campus. More time spent with people, and less time spent in
the office.”

How will you work with campus groups included in your portfolio?

“I will always leave my door open. I am very open to the idea of any student focus
group or student club coming in and proposing an idea.”

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