VP Op-Fi – Greg Clayton

Greg Clayton would be a very good choice for VP Op-Fi, with practical managerial experience and education under his belt. As a current finance major, Clayton could easily enhance and implement many of the operational directions advanced by the Op-Fi portfolio this year. As a current Events Commissioner, Clayton has acquired experience with both the organization and some business units, though not direct experience with the Op-Fi portfolio.

Clayton shares many general goals with his competitors but is distinguished by his concrete list, including redeveloping the old ballroom, pursuing a group auto insurance discount for students and establishing a new study space in MacEwan Student Centre. His desire to communicate with students prior to making decisions about high-profile issues such as the U-Pass and corporate sponsorship clearly reflects a strong desire to keep student interests at the forefront of his work. This includes working closely with clubs.

Reducing SU fees is a priority for Clayton. To do so, he promises to cut costs, a strategy held by the other promising candidates. Spending-reduction may include cutting the number of SU jobs to preserve wages of student employees and making more efficient use of labour. He also sees potential savings by consolidating SU suppliers and operating SU businesses more efficiently. Ultimately, he would like to see a financially self-dependent SU within 5-10 years, a noble, if slightly unrealistic, goal.

With his combination of experience and ideas, Clayton is an excellent and highly-qualified candidate for VP Op-Fi.

What do students need and how will you find this out?

“I’d like to see the [online] forums developed and promoted more to let students
know that’s an easy avenue to throw out ideas… Students are paying a lot of
tuition, they want quality of education, quality of Mac Hall, they want the
most out of their money.”

What will your priorities once you’re in office?

“Lost and Found. There’s no reason we can’t do that, or find another way to
do that. Another priority would be laying out the long-term strategy to reduce
the student fees and levies.”

What is your position on the U-Pass?

“It’s going to be decided by students. It’s up to students whether we keep it
or not.”

What is your experience with money and finances?

“I’m a finance major. I’ve been a part of the Student Investment Challenge club.
I started and ran my own business for two summers with eight full-time employees.
I managed all the operations, finances and taxes for that.”

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