VP Op-Fi – Jason Brown

With so many other good candidates for the post of VP Op-Fi, it would be easy to overlook the inexperienced Jason Brown, and that is exactly what voters should do. Brown believes that “apathy control” spending should be reduced, that the SU should add a grocery store, a gas station and a liquor store, and that a giant vending machine wall could replace the stör–ideas with some merit were the SU considering upgrades to some kind of suburban mall.

But not all of Brown’s ideas are devoid of merit. More seating is definitely desirable in MacEwan Student Centre.

Brown’s campaign points leave questions about the quality and extent of Brown’s research into relevant issues. Without citing specific examples, he claimed “no benefit is being done” to students by the current operations of the SU and that the current VP Op-Fi has not lived up to promises. His understanding of his slate’s support for an SU liquor license, which has been discussed occasionally for more than a year, is sadly lacking, along with anything resembling harmony between his goals and that of his slate.

Somehow encouraging more competition in MacEwan Student Centre to reduce Pepsi prices by $0.25, spending less on “apathy control” items such as BSD and Snow Pants Day, and a conflicted position on corporate sponsorship further diminish his utility to students. Brown’s candidacy would benefit from further research into the role, powers and responsibilities of the office he seeks. A greater desirability to talk to students would also be useful.

What do students need and how will you find this out?

“They seem to need more, cheaper food, seating, entertainment and less “apathy
control” such as Snow Pants Day and International Man Day. I haven’t met too many
people who have heard or know what these things are.”

What will your priorities once you’re in office?

“Cutting those costs that are excess and most likely increasing hopefully entrepreneurial
business and jobs in the campus area.”

What is your position on the U-Pass?

“I like the U-Pass. I use the U-Pass every day. I haven’t met too many people
yet who understand why we’re getting rid of it.”

What is your experience with money and finances?

“Not a whole lot of experience. I’m an economics major and political science major.
I hope that counts for something but I won’t say I handle money every day as a
captain of industry.”

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