Humanities looking for a new dean

By Asma Aejaz

Like the nursing faculty, the Faculty of Humanities is now in the final stages of selecting a new dean. Two external and two internal candidates are vying for the position.

Current dean Dr. Pierre-Yves Mocquais, was appointed in Sept- ember 1999. He is not completing his term for personal reasons.

Students’ Union Humanities Faculty Representative Paige Forsyth stated some people are excited while others are worried about the prospect of a new dean. She said Dr. Mocquais has maintained a good relationship with students and they are concerned whether the next dean will continue that good relationship or not.

The candidates are Dr. Rowland Smith, Professor and Vice-President Academic at Wilfrid Laurier University; Dr. Wayne McCready from the University of Calgary’s Department of Religious Studies and Director of the Calgary Institute for the Humanities at the U of C; Dr. Wendy Robbins from the University of New Brunswick; and Dr. Adrienne Kertzer, from the University of Calgary Department of English.

"This is an open competition and there is no favouritism in terms of internal or external candidates," stressed Dr. Peter Toohey, a member of the Advisory Selection Committee and Head of the Department of Greek and Roman Studies.

Dr. Toohey also emphasized that students play a role in faculty decisions, including the selection of the dean.

"The student representative on the advisory committee has the same vote as the other members," he said.

Candidate presentations are open to the public. Further information can be obtained from the Executive Suite (A100).

The new dean is expected to take office July 1, 2004.


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