Various Artists

By Ben Hoffman

I am not a punk. I share no sympathies with the punks of old and their weird hair, their unattainable anarchical anti-utopia. I share even less of my sympathies with this new popular punk movement, the one that has afforded such stupidities as the sale of anarchy-emblazoned t-shirts at well-established stores across the mall, and the addition of clip-on studs to any and every garment.

Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my punk music, but Punk-o-Rama 8 is not punk.

This is what you get when you make punk cool enough that new bands think it would be awesome to infuse punk with genre “x,” where “x” is any other pre-existent genre of music. Hip-hop-punk, emo-punk and metal-punk are just a few of the fantastic new features of incarnation eight of this traditional compilation. Call me weird, but I like to hear punk when I buy a punk CD.

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