SU President Jayna Gilchrist censured

By Natalie Sit

Students’ Union President Jayna Gilchrist was censured by student leaders due to her conduct and lack of leadership in a unanimous vote.

External Commissioner Jim Bailey brought the motion forward at the Tue., Mar. 30 Students’ Legislative Council meeting. Gilchrist was not at the meeting as she was helping at the SU’s screening of Discordia, a film about the riots at Concordia University when Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was scheduled to speak.

"It’s saying we’re not happy with her conduct as of late," said Bailey. "She’s missed too many meetings and is not fulfilling her duty."

While there is no formal procedure for censure, it is one step below removal. Gilchrist believes the censure is a slap on her wrist.

"It’s at the point where it doesn’t matter," said Gilchrist, adding conduct of other SLC members is rarely discussed. "They’re not pleased with me."

Many members pointed out discussions related to organizational goals with Gilchrist changed nothing. Also of contention was her absence when the SU was organizing the tuition fight and presentation because she attended the Liberal leadership convention in Ottawa.

SU Vice-President Operations and Finance Gavin Preston believed the lack of direction from the president led to unnecessary conflict and a lack of direction in the SU.

"A lack of leadership of style is not a leadership style," said Preston, who added many people ran in the election because they thought they could perform better.

External Commissioner Bryan West agreed with the resolution but believed the others’ comments were "attacks on her style."

"The job done is reflective of who she is, I’m not sure censure is in order," said West. "But to go off on her entire conduct of the whole year, then I don’t support it. It’s an attack on her character."

Gilchrist was also criticized for attending the movie, but she believed it was important for her to see how another SU handled the situation in light of the Muslim Students’ Association debates and Dr. Norman Finkelstein’s upcoming visit.

"I’ve done the best job I could this year," said Gilchrist. "I honestly believe I couldn’t try any harder.

"Some people refused to be led."

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