Paper, Rock, …

By Joshua Johnson

An attempt to secure the University of Calgary a place in history ended in failure Wed., Apr. 14, with only 50 people showing up to organizer Ian Smedley’s rock, paper, scissors tournament. Falling well short of the 1,000 participants needed to impress the Guinness Book of World Records, Smedley described the event as “another story about university apathy,” as he and his rock, paper, scissors enthusiasts were forced to play simply for the love of the game.

Those who did compete were paired off and set into a best of three, winner-take-all round robin. When the sea of pumping fists had settled, Adrienne Beauchamp was the last one standing, claiming the title of U of C Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion, and winning a free drink at the Den courtesy of Smedley.

"I just went with the flow," said Beauchamp after beating her final opponent in two straight games and admitting she didn’t have any real strategy. "I just played whatever came to me at the moment."

Although no one officially holds the world record for the largest rock, paper, scissors tournament, Smedley said the size of this one wouldn’t warrant a Guinness mention.

There are no plans for a second attempt.