Sickness forbidden in senate

By Kelly St. Jean

Editor, the Gauntlet

My name is Kelly St. Jean and I am the other student senator that was removed from the [U of C] senate in 2001. Not that it matters after this many years, nor does it surprise me what happened to [Student Senator Nick] Vuckovic.

My story is simple: I too, was ill and was unable to attend classes or work. I was hardly well enough to leave the house. It took some time to find out what the problem was. I was diagnosed with stage 4a Hodgkin’s Disease, for which I underwent Chemotherapy for 6 months that summer and fall. At the time, the only issue on my mind was my family and mortality. The only energy I had went to trying not to get sick.

It is true I did fail to notify the senate of my situation. Maybe it would have resulted in a different outcome, but after reading this article, I doubt it.

The senate tried to contact me by mail only and only once. In that letter, they mentioned nothing of removing me. It was just a reminder and agenda for the next meeting. At the time I had moved to be cared for and was not receiving regular mail. I never even received a call that there would be vote on my removal. I found out about it through a friend months later. Not having the energy, time or motivation I decided not to do anything about it. I had been attending meetings up until my illness. I even attended committee meetings as well.

I’m not exactly sure why I am writing this. I guess to shed some light that events always have many sides to the story. That people should take time in making decisions and look at the human factor or their decisions. Good reporting and decision making involves examining all the sides, I think? Anyway, best wishes.

Kelly St. Jean

[Ed. Note: Nick Vuckovic was removed from the senate as a student representative by the SLC, a body of the Students’ Union.]