Elections and anti-Anders

By Dale Miller

U of C Election Forum

Four Federal Election candidates will face off on the North Courtyard of MacEwan Student Centre, Wednesday June 16 at 11:30 a.m.

Debating will be Rob Anders, Member of Parliament for the Conservative Party, Justin Thompson from the Liberal Party, Tim Patterson from the New Democratic Party, Danielle Roberts from the Green Party, James S. Kohut from the Canadian Action Party and Andre Vachon from the Marxist-Leninist Party.

In addition to taking questions from the audience, candidates will respond to a panel comprising of Students’ Union President Bryan West, Graduate Students’ Association President Calvin Seaman, U of C Political Science professor Doreen Barrie and Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences Stephen Randall. The panel’s focus will be the future of post-secondary education.

Anti-Anders website

In completely unrelated news, voteoutanders.com, an anti-Rob Anders website is calling for the west Calgary and university communities to unite against the Calgary West MP and vote him out of office. They aren’t affiliated with any other parties and feel that Ander has done a poor job representing the university in parliament for the last seven years.

“Rob Anders has had seven years to prove himself to the constituents of Calgary West,” says the site. “In that time, all he’s proven is that he should consider another line of work; our job is to help him quit his day job.”


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