Education on the party radar

By Gauntlet Staff


The Conservatives have very definite goals about enhancing post-secondary education. In their platform, they “demand better services in our communities, post-secondary education in the reach of every young Canadian, a cleaner environment, and support for the family.”

They recognize that provinces have a key role to play in reducing barriers to education and skills training, and also promise to work with provinces to enhance the Canada Student Loans Program. In addition, their Registered Lifetime Savings Program and increased Canada Education Savings Grants will also help students fund their post-secondary education.


In their newly-released platform, the Liberals promise improved access to post-secondary education to follow up on their commitments in the march budget. Specifically, their goal is "A Canada in which everyone has the opportunity for further education regardless of financial means." A main focus of their education platform involves increasing aboriginal education at all levels.

Despite all the last-minute initiatives to throw money at post-secondary education earlier this year, their promises for the future are slim, limited to a commitment to "reduc[e] the financial barriers to higher education."

Although the NDP do not have a part of their platform, they have some post-secondary programs.


Recently, they promised to "Invest in education and cut tuition, so young northerners can develop the skills and training for a prosperous northern economy- helped by the NDP’s focus on community economic development infrastructure."

As it relates to the environment, the NDP will also fund the professionals required for their "clean air revolution." Together, these programs may constitute something of a post-secondary education platform, but it is certainly weaker than those of the other parties.

Green Party

The Green Party’s focus on education is primarily on the under-18 crowd: "family education" and preschoolers. They believe that education should be made "universally attainable and affordable" by reducing tuition costs and increasing hands-on learning at cooperative education programs such as apprenticeships. They promise loan relief for post-secondary students with children in school, and "tuition-free access to college and university programs for retired people."

Like the NDP, the Greens also support post-secondary education programs that enhance the environment and equality in Canada.

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