Communist speaks out

By Salima Stanley-Bhanji

As the third oldest political party in Canada with its origins dating to the 1920s, the Communist Party of Canada is about 600 members strong and includes Canada’s youngest election candidate, Anna-Celestrya Carr in the Winnipeg Centre riding. The party’s campaign slogan urges Canadians to “Put people before profits!”Miguel Figueroa, leader of the Communist Party… Continue reading Communist speaks out

An abortion of democracy?

By Dale Miller

All six Calgary West federal election candidates faced off peacefully in front of 250 spectators at the University of Calgary on Wed., June 16. Staying true to the venue, the major discussion topic was post secondary education.Candidates fielded questions from both the gallery and a panel made up of Students’ Union President Bryan West, Graduate… Continue reading An abortion of democracy?

Prepare to get yer vote on

By Chris Beauchamp

‘”The Liberal government seem to have done a fine job of mismanaging things,” said outgoing Alberta Union of Provincial Employees Local 52 Chair Dan Tilleman. “There seems to be a certain lack of ethics.” Tilleman pointed at Prime Minister Paul Martin’s former business interests in Canada Steamship Lines. Martin and CSL have been widely criticized… Continue reading Prepare to get yer vote on

Web goodies!

By Gauntlet Staff

Students seeking more on-line enlightenment about this year’s election now have some more choices. In addition to the official platforms released on individual party sites, both the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations and the Canadian Federation of Students, Canada’s two national post-secondary education lobby groups, have set up web sites for Election 2004. CASA’s site,… Continue reading Web goodies!

Education on the party radar

By Gauntlet Staff

ConservativesThe Conservatives have very definite goals about enhancing post-secondary education. In their platform, they “demand better services in our communities, post-secondary education in the reach of every young Canadian, a cleaner environment, and support for the family.” They recognize that provinces have a key role to play in reducing barriers to education and skills training,… Continue reading Education on the party radar

Will the Liberals get voted off the island?

By Chris Beauchamp

With the federal election looming, the political opinions and priorities of all interested Canadians are coming out in casual conversation. The only thing to be said with certainty is that they are as varied as our country’s multicultural background would suggest. University of Calgary faculty is no different. The president of the University of Calgary… Continue reading Will the Liberals get voted off the island?

What!?! They have elections now?

By Chris Beauchamp

Well, he’s done it. In an era of unprecedented voter apathy, and despite the ongoing Liberal scandals and their decline in the opinion polls, Prime Minister Paul Martin has called an election for Mon., June 28. While Martin is confident his party is ready for an election, the same cannot necessarily be said about voters,… Continue reading What!?! They have elections now?

Campaigning on a whole new level

By Вen Li

The 2004 election will undoubtedly be remembered for many things. For being one of the longest unofficial elections in Canadian history, outdoing even rolling elections of the nineteenth century. For the Liberals, who felt the need to start campaigning against no declared opponent late last year, and manipulated the election date to do so. For… Continue reading Campaigning on a whole new level

Students running in election

By Chris Beauchamp

Two University of Calgary students have launched bids to become Members of Parliament under the Green Party banner. Danielle Roberts and Morgan DuFord, both members of the Campus Greens, will run in the upcoming federal election. Roberts, who is working toward a degree in earth science, emphasized the bid is aimed at increasing awareness for… Continue reading Students running in election