Horse-loving Hypocrites

By Russ Dyck

Animal rights activists showed up at the Calgary Stampede with their big green sign with “Rodeo Kills” painted in black letters. It was hard to determine whether they were referring to the riders or the ride ees. They also tried to show people statistics as they entered the grounds, but all their cries fell on deaf ears.

The activist’s plan to shut down the rodeo events at the stampede and let all the cute cows and horsies go was severely hampered by the complete lack of apathy of the crowd. Or perhaps, they did not expect the grandstands to be filled with people that actually enjoy watching the rodeo and paid good money to do so.

I hope these activists had a good time walking around the Stampede grounds in their leather runners enjoying corndogs and beef on a bun after their less than successful protest–hypocrites.

The activists pretty much blew it but I do have to give them credit for being smart enough to protest the Calgary Stampede instead of a small community rodeo. I haven’t seen them around any I’ve been to and it’s a little disappointing. It will be a good laugh when they get their butts whipped by people who work for a living.

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