Allciti brings a message

By Shannon McCabe

What if there was a group of individuals who, upon seeing the dismal display of “talent” on the radio each week, decided to do something about it? What if that group decided to not sing about guns and violence, but talked about the enjoyable things in life? What if all of this was rolled into a six member super-group that did all of the above over irresistable beats? May I introduce your ears and minds to Allciti!

“The best example is a good example,” states Ryan Perez, 20 year old member of Allciti. “We are sick of the mediocre shows here in Calgary, and want to step up the game.” First performing at a Reggae Festival, Allciti began just this past February, and already they have their eye, and hearts, set on a bright future using hip hop as their outlet. Last Call is their latest gig, designed to deal with negative issues, including the poor outlook most students have on the thought of going back to school.

Their dream? To have Last Call to be an annual event where that kids can by hyped up for by the end of summer, instead of being mopey over strapping on the backpacks once again. These are not just wildly thought up situations.

“Not only do we provide entertainment, we organize events. We are like a company rather than a musical group.” With their use of creatively constructed music, Allciti hopes they can connect with people around the world as a well-oil machine, contrary (and ironically) to the capitalistic society existing today.

“There is no such thing as superstars,” says Perez, who sees the group as a musically oriented group with a common goal. “We do not want to be just a marketing ploy.”

What if there were other alternatives to overplayed and commercialized music? Even though they ask the question “where is the love?”, the current state of hip-hop and music in general isn’t all bad to the sextet. Kanye West, Lauryn Hill, The Roots and The Black Eyed Peas are examples of what the group considers what music should be about, as it once was in the first place. “They all share a common skill, you know? They are able to touch everyone, actually have a heart, and are able to communicate with others. They’re not afraid to go against the grain.”

Very conscious of the come and go tendencies of the music industry, Allciti is well aware one day the grain will rub a different way by a different style of music. Yet they are very prepared for that fateful day, ready and poised to stick their flag in the ground and claim their title as the non-commercialized sensation that survived the fall of hip hop. They eventually plan to branch out into the different genres of music, connecting with an even wider audience. The energy behind the group is very evident in Perez’s description of their future plans.

“We want to maintain long lasting relationships around the world.”


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