Campus Security report

By Cayley Evans

The month of September was rather eventful for Campus Security.

Two security issues took place in the Den, one of which was the only major incident of the month: A male non-student head butted someone on the dance floor and was subsequently removed by the staff. Just as the patron was about to leave campus he became aggressive and assaulted the staff members who had escorted him out. Campus security was called and he was taken into custody

“He was very argumentative, he wanted to fight,” commented Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz.

After being taken into custody, the gentleman refused to get out of the vehicle he was transported in. This would have been little more than bothersome were it not for two of the offender’s associates who decided to find and attempt to free their friend. The other two who arrived on the offender’s behalf assaulted the Campus Security officers. Police were called. Injuries to officers were minor. Other goings on at the Den included a belligerent male waiting to get into the Den, who was subsequently escorted from the line-up by security.

Several medical-related incidents also occurred. A male student in the Social Sciences building suffered a seizure due to an unknown medical condition, and had to be restrained until EMS could arrive. Another student fainted during a film on the brain which was shown in class, and yet another was thrown from his motorcycle. A number of visitors were also in need of assistance. A non-student was removed from the MacEwan Student Centre Ballroom with alcohol poisoning, to be transported to the hospital. Another was taken to hospital from after re-injuring his knee (which had been operated on just three days prior to the occurrence) in the mosh pit. Also, a female visitor slipped on a flyer in the MacEwan Student Centre food court and was transported to the hospital after sustaining injuries to her hip.

A number of smaller infractions were dealt with. A room in Science B was discovered to be flooded after officers responded to a hang-up call which was the result of the water having reached a sufficient level to have knocked the phone from the hook. An art display in the Nickel Arts Museum sustained considerable damage after an errant admirer walked through the hanging sculpture. Other campus marauders were the source of some peculiar problems. A male was attempting to collect passports from international students, for reasons unknown, another was viewing inappropriate material in the Information Commons, and having had a number of prior run-ins with the law, was banned indefinitely from campus. Security also assisted in four cases of shoplifting at the bookstore.

Not surprisingly, the back to school dance party hosted by Vibe 98.5 resulted in an issue. Two groups of high school students were going either to or from the party when one group became antagonistic toward a single member of the other group. The assaulters proved to be difficult to deal with, and police were called.

On a positive note, lineups for campus cards were virtually non existent, new safe walk volunteers were trained, and security assisted in coordinating alcohol awareness week with the SU.