Apathy this: SU by-election

By Stephanie Claggett

Voter apathy, rather than fierce competition, once again dominated the Students’ Union’s annual by-election.

Joel Lockwood is the new Oper-ations and Finance Commissioner while Dickie Freeman won the position of Events Commissioner.

Dustyn Richardson became the Fine Arts Faculty Representative with a grand total of 37 votes, and Philip James Schwieder won the coveted position in Kinesiology with an amazing 23 votes–a win by only five. Engineering fared slightly better with their new representative, Patrick Boyle, earning 138 votes.

Both Fine Arts and Kinesiology are relatively small faculties, but the general attitude regarding the by-elections seemed to be one of apathy. Many students feel the results of these elections don’t affect them, or that they didn’t have enough information to make a decision.

Good Luck!




Operations & Finance Commissioner

Lockwood, Joel: 389

Bibby, James: 333

Dattani, Birju: 174

Spoiled: 0

Events Commissioner

Freeman, Dickie: 355

Vuckovic, Nicholas: 252

Turner, Kyle David: 164

Smalley, Jeff: 144

Spoiled: 0

Faculty Representatives

Fine Arts Faculty Representative

Richardson, Dustyn: 37

Ranawaya, Ranjit: 10

Spoiled: 0

Kinesiology Faculty Representative

Schwieder, Philip James: 23

Leclerc, Celeste: 18

Spoiled: 0

Engineering Faculty Representative

Boyle, Patrick: 138

Mitschke, Rob: 96

Spoiled: 0