Men can’t score

By Amanda VanSteelandt and Tanya DeLyzer

Perhaps the University of Calgary men’s soccer team was still recovering from their big “cabaret” when they went out on the road last weekend. The men couldn’t even manage to score. This isn’t usually a problem according to rumors on the sidelines. The first game, on Thu., Sept. 30, Trinity Western University slaughtered the Dinos.… Continue reading Men can’t score

Dance Preview: Magical journey in Funky Fairy Tales of Funk

By Sameena Darr

What happened to people dancing because they just felt the funk in their trunk? Shakin’ it because they meant it? Feeling the groove in their step, the soul in their heart, and the freaky in their deaky? Music videos may be littered with emotionless butts bumping and humping to mindless beats, but Roxana Menzies, performer… Continue reading Dance Preview: Magical journey in Funky Fairy Tales of Funk

Empty Space full of vitamins

By Teale Phelps-Bondaroff

When you think of “empty space”, images of vast desert lands usually fill your mind, punctuated by the odd roving coyote or brittle tumbleweed. But who would have thought “empty space” could be full of sweet music, liquor and plain old good times? This is exactly what Students’ Union Vice-President Events Alex Vyskocil has created.… Continue reading Empty Space full of vitamins

Theatre Preview: Andy Curtis: Librarian Bounty Hunter

By Simon Mallett

Almost everyone who has had a library card has, at some point, been fined for overdue books. Return a book a week late and you discover how quickly fines can add up. So what about a book returned one hundred and thirteen years late? “My character’s line is ‘I’m going to hit him with the… Continue reading Theatre Preview: Andy Curtis: Librarian Bounty Hunter

Graduating Debt Free?

By Veronika Janik

Your four years are up. You’ve attained your Bachelor Degree and it’s time to dive head first into the realm of “grown-up life.” As you begin planning, you realize you are thousands of dollars in debt. With no clue about how to pay your dues, fear and stress consume you. Since 1996, tuition fees across… Continue reading Graduating Debt Free?