Report Card: Men’s Soccer

By Tanya DeLyzer and Amanda VanSteelandt


With fewer newcomers than last year, this team was still on the young side. However, they didn’t lack talent. They had many consistent contributors who shone on some days and blended in on others. The stats from the regular season didn’t show this team’s true potential.


Scrappy, indeed. That shows heart. When they had their shit together, they could make magic. Taking it from behind, the lead that is, was their signature move. The season could have been less troublesome however, if they stuck it to the man from the get go.


What to say? Head Coach Andy Gibbs usually knows exactly what he wants to say. Gibbs, not of the Australian disco group The BeeGees, knew when to push his team, but also knew when to let them work things out themselves. With a guaranteed spot in the Canada West playoffs, a smart move on Gibbs’ part was to concentrate on development, rather than winning in the regular season. He scares the hell out of us, so we can’t imagine how the team feels.


If you had never seen this team in action, you would think their chances of coming out on top would be quite grim. However, the boys upset the second ranked Trinity Western University Spartans to compete in the championship game of the CW finals. They came close to taking it all, but left with a shiny, well-deserved silver medal.

Overall: B+

Singer/Band: Clay Aiken. Because you thought he lost American Idol, but he has gone platinum. Some people think he has talent, others don’t.

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