Contining Educatoin get you their

By Kyle Francis

Last week, the University of Calgary’s continuing education department placed an ad in the Calgary Herald bearing the headline “Learning that get you there.” Students expressed concern about the typo.

“I think that it’s a shame that whoever is responsible for this print advertisement was not conscientious enough to spot the mistake prior to its publication in Calgary’s most high-profile newspaper,” said Charles, a U of C student who declined to publish his last name. “As a student who will be graduating from U of C this spring, it is important to me that the reputation of this university is absolutely solid.”

Students’ Union Engineering Faculty Representative Patrick Boyle expressed concern in the Students’ Academic Assembly that the ad could be construed as racist, since a black model appeared next to the malformed language. No matter what the unfortunate word choice and picture placement may suggest, the Continuing Education department assures students that nothing racist was meant by the ad.

“It was a typo,” said Lorna Prediger, the marketing and communications manager from the Continuing Education department. “Unfortunately, typos happen, and there really isn’t any more to it.”


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