Ageism in the workplace

It was with great trepidation that I prepared for my first ever corporate office party last weekend. I am the youngest employee at my office, and I am conscious of my inability to fit into the corporate mold that my 30, 40 and 50-something coworkers have had years of practice at. Upon arriving I felt… Continue reading Ageism in the workplace

WE ARE TEH SUCK!!!!11 !!!

Editor, the Gauntlet, Re: “The Killers-Hot Fuss” CD review, Sept. 2, 2004 You are a dumb@$$ [sic] with no taste in music. The Killers are the best thing to come out of Vegas since Liberace or whatever his name is. Hot Fuss is a great album. YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [sic]

Closed-minded definition

Editor, the Gauntlet,Re: “The happy Harper fun hour,” Jan. 28, 2005, Ben Hoffman criticizes Stephen Harper and opponents of same-sex marriage by using the analogy of a redneck from “down home” to paint Conservatives as small minded.Hoffman should realize the hypocrisy in his argument. Isn’t it a bit narrow minded of supporters of same-sex marriage… Continue reading Closed-minded definition

The homosexual sponge

Recently, the We Are Family organization released a video to grade-school children in the United States featuring a line-up of popular children’s television icons spreading a message of tolerance and diversity, among them the alleged homosexual lifestyle advocate-cum-animated yellow sponge of Bikini Bottom, Spongebob Squarepants. This video has religious conservative groups like Focus on the… Continue reading The homosexual sponge

A proposition to admin

Editor, the Gauntlet, Two weeks ago the Department of Athletics here at the U of C brought media attention to the possibility that up to 14 varsity teams may have to be cut from our athletics program, due to continued lack of funding. Our president Harvey Weingarten responded with a letter, essentially scolding the Athletics… Continue reading A proposition to admin

The march of the democratizers

Iraq’s most recent elections represent only a conditional victory for the U.S. Joining Israel, Turkey, and Kuwait as the only democratic-esque states in the Middle East, Iraq now acts as a foothold of freedom in a part of the world accustomed to authoritarian rule, where U.S.-style democracy tops few lists of desirable values. Only time… Continue reading The march of the democratizers

Happy New Year…Again

5000 years ago, the solar calendar did not exist. To compensate, the lunar calendar was developed in China to keep times and dates. Chinese farmers used this cycle to govern their harvesting cycles. This calendar kept a firm set of 12 months at 29-30 days each to create a 354 day year. The first day… Continue reading Happy New Year…Again