President: Austin Hager

Although he has nobly pledged to do his job loudly, forcing students and administrators alike to listen, Austin Hager is unable to say just what his message actually is. Being loud is important, but it’s only well thought-out policies and ideas that actually accomplish anything. Hager noticeably lacked in knowledge about such things as what lobby groups CASA and CAUS are, as well as what his role in SLC would be.

Pledging to make students care through protests or aggressively shouting at them, if necessary, is ambitious, but Hager simply doesn’t know what students should care about.

Hager dismissed student voting power as an effective way to lobby for change, presumably forgetting about the tangible gains made in Calgary’s Varsity and Mountain View ridings in last year’s provincial election.

Hager’s biggest fault is his wish to force students to care. An effective SU president must be able to act in students’ interests even if students themselves are focused on other things. Hager’s high profile as “sign guy” may garner a number of votes, but his lack of solid goals, concrete initiatives and admittedly limited understanding of the SU seriously hinders his ability to do just about anything.

How will you hold the provincial Government to its promises to make PSE its first priority?

“The only thing to do is make enough noise. We don’t have the voting power.”

How will you communicate with students?

“By making noise. I’ll stand on tables and shout at people. Also, I’ll use Speakers Corner.”

What should the relationship be between the SU and university administration?

“Make enough noise, shove their face into what’s going on.”


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