Senate: Heather Currie

Currie has a good conceptualization of the existence of the Senate. She is well aware of the Senate’s mandates being more community-centered and her platform is decidedly devoted to university/community interactions.

Interested primarily in promoting the university and maintaining a good image to high schools the university recruits from, the undergraduate body would do well to employ a community-oriented a candidate like Currie. She is likely to get along quite well with members of the Senate. She also seems receptive to the wants of the general student body and is able to represent those desires concisely alongside her outward-reaching goals.

Case in point: Currie prioritizes the recent Dinos’ athletic funding issue, putting it to the forefront in her campaign duly as a concern to the general undergraduate population and a concern about the appearance of the university within its outlying community. Also, she plans to promote her role by participating in on-campus activities, the place where student and community life are the most coincidental.

Currie’s only real problem is her lack of qualifications. With a noticeable lack of former Students’ Union experience, she only has charity experience to draw from. This is not such a large concern, however, since the Senate is a good place for ambitious aspiring politicians, even if they lack experience.

Currie would make a good candidate for the job, if only because she seems sincere and sympathetic; furthermore, one should not ignore her clearly defined set of ideas and a solid community-oriented strategy for implementing them.

How will yourposition on the senate benefit students?

“I very much enjoy interaction with students on campus. I can have a conversation with somebody and allow them to talk. I can then in turn take it to the senate and address any issues that are taking place right now in the student body.”

What issues need to be represented in the Senate?

“One would be my opinion on athletics. It will make my job a lot easier to promote the U of C in public if I have athletics to entice people into coming to the university. The Disabilities Resource Center is trying to set up some new facilities for the students that would be one thing I would like to promote.”

Why should students care about the SU Senate representative position?

“Because it’s a continuing of the institution to make sure that we are still getting students interested in education, that once they come into education, they will have a good experience.”

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