Senate: Heather Currie

Currie has a good conceptualization of the existence of the Senate. She is well aware of the Senate’s mandates being more community-centered and her platform is decidedly devoted to university/community interactions. Interested primarily in promoting the university and maintaining a good image to high schools the university recruits from, the undergraduate body would do well… Continue reading Senate: Heather Currie

Senate: Matt Trotta

Soft spoken and with a slightly wavery voice, one wonders how Trotta fared over his last year as Senate representative. Occasionally awkward in his articulations, Trotta seems like an unlikely choice to represent the often strong viewpoints of the general undergraduate population. And yet, Trotta has some highly redeeming points. As previously mentioned, this would… Continue reading Senate: Matt Trotta

Senate: Brent Kettles

Kettles speaks first and foremost about student advocacy guiding his potential role on the senate. He domineers conversation, is charismatic and well spoken. It is not hard to see he could indeed be a strong voice for the students to the other senators–senators Kettles feels are more student friendly than their Board of Governors counterparts.Running… Continue reading Senate: Brent Kettles

Senators needed

By Eric Fung

The University of Calgary’s senate wants your help.“We’re seeking people who are passionate about the U of C,” said Chancellor Bill Warren. “The only thing to make volunteering successful is to be passionate.”The 62-member senate’s responsibilities include representing the public, promoting the university, influencing decision makers, fostering student interests, and promoting and recognizing excellence. Thirty-two… Continue reading Senators needed

Student senators question parking pass fees

By Toby White

Student representatives on the University of Calgary Senate have a beef with the university’s accounting practices. All members of the senate and Board of Governors receive universal parking passes in return for their services to campus. While the passes do not directly cost the university, they must be accounted for in the budget. Student passes… Continue reading Student senators question parking pass fees