VP Events: crackers and spew

By Stephanie Shewchuk

The Vice-President Events forum was by far the most “eventful” of the SU General Election debates so far. Alex Vyskocil, current VP Events, went up against Steve Vaivada in an ideological debate, as well as a ginger ale drinking contest.

In terms of new ideas, Vyskocil presented his plans for a revamped welcome back week, increased ecology projects, heightened social activities, and most importantly, an expanded alcohol awareness week.

Vaivada pledged instead to increase capacity of Bermuda Shorts Day, to make full use of his commissioners by maximizing their workloads, and he also wants to build up the profile of Dinos Athletics.

Concerning BSD, the two had differing viewpoints.

“This year we have increased capacity from 3,000 to 4,000. We are already working on it,” said Vyskocil.

Vaivada responded with, “Vote for me because I’m hungry. You say 4,000 people at BSD. I want 10,000. Is that reasonable?”

The forum culminated with a food and drink competition which saw Vyskocil and Vaivada eating six soda crackers as fast as possible and seeing who could whistle first. Vaivada narrowly edged out Vyskocil.

Shortly after, the ginger ale drinking competition started with the two candidates raced through a pitcher of the soda with a straw. The competitors were evenly matched right up until the end, but Vyskocil was unable to keep the combination of crackers and ginger ale down. However, after a quick trip to the washroom, he bounced back right away, ready for the next round of questions.

Audience questions revealed the biggest differences between the two. Vyskocil placed focus on music events, whereas Vaivada plans to concentrate more on Dinos Athletics.


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