VP External: Jeromy Farkas

For a first year student with no relevant experience or ideas, Jeromy Farkas should have run for a commissioner position rather than VP External. Farkas says in his platform he wants to fulfill the VP External duties as prescribed by the SU by-laws. Unfortunately, he has no idea what those responsibilities are.

A good VP External should focus on lobbying and non-academic issues. Farkas, on the other hand, is more concerned with utilizing technology in teaching and promoting student clubs, neither of which falls into the scope of the external portfolio. Furthermore, he has no knowledge of the CASA and CAUS lobby groups, the Senate or Student Legislative Council–all of which are essential to the VP External position.

Farkas’ sincerity in wanting to be approachable and accountable to students is undeniable, but in all other respects he is not qualified to be VP External.

Ideally, what needs to be on Bill 1?

“First we have to see an active government interest. We need to see active programs, perhaps advertising.”

How will you work with university administration to solve student issues and concerns?

“Obviously we have to cooperate, but the VP External has to be firm and behind the students.”

How will you utilize your commission?

“The external commission is the most essential I believe, and I have to know each and every commissioner and be able to cooperate with each commission.”

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