Spun: Sleeper Set Sail

A fusion of Alexisonfire-esque electric guitar, simple and effective beats, and just the right amount of distortion making you think this could be the beginning of a great song, maybe even an amazing CD. Then, Sleeper Set Sail vomit all over themselves, spewing the cheesiest lyrics since 98° (the group that rocketed Nick Lachey to minor-stardom); “Darling won’t you join me out here on the balcony? A million moonlit sparkles… without you I am lost at sea.” Don’t join him on the balcony.

Book it home as fast as you can and leave him to hurl himself off the balcony, under the mystical, sparkly, midnight sky.

Their music is good, although obviously influenced by other bands (Alexisonfire is thanked in the credits) and the vocalist is reasonably talented, so if you are satisfied with surface-level bands look no deeper than Sleeper Set Sail.

However, this is only a “compilation sampler” and SSS offers some lyrical intensity in the last 20 seconds of the final track, hopefully a hint of better things to come in summer when they release their debut full-length.

Maybe the SS Sleeper just needs to sink itself before it can come up with metaphors beyond the profundity of ’90s boy bands. Otherwise, let’s hope they drown like a basket of kittens.

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