Spun: Spitafield

With great vocals and catchy melodies, Spitalfield is pop-punk at its finest. The Chicago quartet paired up with producer Ed Rose (The Get Up Kids, Reggie and the Full Effect) for their third album Stop Doing Bad Things. The lyrics cry out to every teenage emo kid–popularity, girlfriends and substance abuse are reoccurring themes, but they also have moments of great lyrical insight which makes listening to them a treat.

The band members range from 21 to 25 and know exactly how to inspire their target audience. Rose succeeds in creating a polished sound and the talent of the musicians really comes through. The band has been playing together since high school and their obvious dedication to their music makes up for their art-wank haircuts. Besides that, the only thing lacking is a unique sound. Spitalfield is great if you like the genre, but you can get the same thing elsewhere.

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