Campus Security report: March madness

Spring was in the air last month, and some students expressed it in different ways. By wearing shorts, skipping class, and sunbathing nude on campus.

Campus Security responded to numerous calls complaining that a man was sun tanning on the south end of the Olympic Oval wearing nothing more than a smile according to Campus Security Manager Lanny Fritz. The man was asked to dress a little more appropriately.

It seems the hormones also caused students to get sticky fingers. Whether it’s stealing a backpack out from under a sleeping student or prowling the library for items left on tables during bathroom breaks, everyone seems to have the urge.

One individual was found going through a professor’s purse and claimed he was looking for tissues when he was caught. He then fled the office.

Another student decided to seek revenge on campus after being ejected from the Den one night. He was caught by Campus Security making off with lights, books and a vacuum cleaner from the construction area in MacEwan Student Center.

Two culprits forgot to watch out for cameras as they tried to steal desks from Science B, but the oddest disappearance from campus wasthe credit card scanners out of the payphones.

“Who knows what someone would do with those?” mused Fritz.

Thieves be wary, Campus Security is quick to respond. They recovered a bike that was reported stolen the very next day.

March 23 offered students a glimpse at large graphic images whether they wanted it or not thanks to the Campus Pro-Life group. Though security was in full force, Fritz assured that overall, everything was fine.

A student has also turned himself in for setting off a fire alarm with matches in residence.

“Generally it was a pretty busy month, but it’s expected for this time of year,” said Fritz.

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