The High Speed Scene

By Stephanie Shewchuk

Although generally described as a rock album, the High Speed Scene’s self-titled first effort is not your father’s guitar-grinding rock and roll. Instead, the band’s exuberant peppy-pop appeals more to the fledgling generation of listeners grooving to the music on the OC. Adding to their uber-trendy pedigree, the band signed to the Neptunes label days after Pharrell Williams listened to their demo.

Upon the first listen, the High Speed Scene feels like much of the fashionable music being pumped out nowadays, replete with pop-culture references and complaints about the rich and beautiful. But the album grows in your mind space, the subtle irony emerges and the careful insinuations become more evident.

With ’80s allusions and other quirkiness abound, the High Speed Scene is best when not taken themselves too seriously. Tracks like “Hottie” and “For the Kids” arrive just in time for summer in all their drum heavy, chorus concentrated glory.

The High Speed Scene has come a long way since working as studio musicians for Celebrity Justice. Judging from their strong first release, you’ll happily sing along.


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