Music Interview: Music for dark rooms

What would a movie theatre without a screen look like? A lot like a big, empty room with a bunch of big empty seats. Face it, from a realistic perspective, this question is beyond ridiculous. Despite the unimaginative interpretation of the question, Antoine Bedard (also known by his stage name of Montag) thinks there is a perfectly plausible answer.

Standing on stage, all alone with his keyboard and a microphone, Bedard would like to think of himself as an aural director of sorts–someone able to paint a picture or conjure dream-like imagery with nothing but a mellow, ambient beat and some melodic lyrics.

“I’ve always listened to a lot of film music. It’s probably one of my goals to write film music in my life. I’ve always seen music as a way of creating images,” says Bedard. “What I usually want people to do is to make up their own little stories. If they see images, for me its mission accomplished.”

Colorful images burst to life from powerful and rich sounds packed into every track, painting pictures of foreign worlds in the minds of listeners, but Bedard insists his music isn’t completely escapist. Instead, he holds his brand of ambient music is a lens through which the world is refracted, accentuating its beauty.

“It’s a way for me to convince myself that things aren’t that bad when you get down,” muses Bedard. “I wrote this album when I was going through a hard period of time in my life and I was desperately trying to feel better. It was all about creating an uplifting feeling and looking at the bright side of things.”

Herein we reach the meat of Montag. Bedard wants his music to be uplifting, despite a certain amount of loneliness implicit in his first release. For his recent release, Bedard decided he would go crazy if he had to record another album by himself. The title, Alone, Not Alone speaks deeply to the content of the album–celebrating beauty in all things, especially in the company of others.

“What I do is at least say ‘hi’ to people and tell stories. It’s always something spontaneous. I’m just being myself, basically,” states Bedard. “I really just want to make things–for me–sound beautiful.”

So, what would a movie theatre without a screen look like? Maybe it would just be an empty, boring room. But maybe it would look like Antoine Bedard with a keyboard and a microphone.

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