Music Interview: Sharon Jones corrects the funk

Sharon Jones, the funk singer and current face of the Dap-Kings, used to work in corrections. Before she did office work, back-up vocals in a studio and way before she was fronting an excellent ensemble band she worked at Ryker’s Island, the center of New York City’s jail system. This is hard to believe considering… Continue reading Music Interview: Sharon Jones corrects the funk

Music Interview: The beautifully inaccessable–the inaccessably beautiful

“I think I told some guy I was going to fuck his baby cousin if he didn’t shut up” remarks Jamie Stewart, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and creative force behind the warped pop band Xiu Xiu. “That was probably the meanest thing I’ve ever said. I did get lit cigarettes thrown in my face a couple of… Continue reading Music Interview: The beautifully inaccessable–the inaccessably beautiful

Spun: Various Artists

Calgary’s music scene has always been under-appreciated. While Toronto and Montreal are known as hot beds for Canadian music, our isolated town has been tirelessly ploughing on, releasing good music whether anyone else heard it or not. CJSW’s compilation, 90.9 With a Bullet, seeks to reverse this trend while celebrating the station’s 20th anniversary. The… Continue reading Spun: Various Artists

Spun: Caesars

The Caesar’s Paper Tigers is a perfect example of ’60s revivalism. Self branded as a mixture between psychedelic and garage rock, the band jumps into the same niche held by other retro-rock bands as the Hives and the (International) Noise Conspiracy. Very rarely do these retro connoisseurs achieve such accuracy in their recreation of a… Continue reading Spun: Caesars

Spun: Common

Common’s latest may be the most joyous and exhilarating release of the year. Not too much of a surprise, considering the many a respectful nods received from discerning hip-hop heads and critics during his 13 plus years of rapping. Usually a bit too experimental for the mainstream, hooking up with wonder-producer Kanye West ensures Common… Continue reading Spun: Common

Spun: Boca 45

Boca 45’s debut solo album, Pitch Sounds, is a succulent combination of old hip-hop beats, ’60s soul and ’70s funk. Reminiscent of each of the past four decades, Pitch Sounds manages to successfully blend together music from a smattering of genres into a single, cohesive and highly enjoyable sound. Unlike many techno albums out there,… Continue reading Spun: Boca 45