Spun: Thirteen Senses

By Katherine Fletcher

Picture yourself walking down an empty street on a cool spring afternoon–the sky above you milky white, a soft breeze tousles your hair. You scrunch your hands into your pockets and stare at the street beneath your feet, looking up periodically to take in the space around you.

This introspective moment has been brought to you by the fabulous four lads of Thirteen Senses and their delectable full-length debut The Invitation. Releasing a collection of delicate, piano-driven pop melodies, punctuated with soulful guitar riffs and psychedelic beats, the band conjures up enough raw, kinetic energy to put anyone in a meditative frame of mind.

Possessing the seductive charm of Coldplay and a lead singer with a voice as enigmatic as Radiohead’s Thom Yorke’s, Thirteen Senses enters the British music scene with grace. If The Invitation is any indication, Thirteen Senses is sure to become one of the hottest bands from across the sea.

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