Spun: Brian Eno

By Ken Clarke

From his early electronically charged days with pop group Roxy Music in the ’70s to the present day, Brian Eno remains a true pioneer of the avant garde.

Although he’s probably best known for his production work and collaborations with the likes of David Bowie, Robert Fripp, U2, David Byrne and Jah Wobble–to name but a few–Eno has issued an impressive catalogue of his own work over the years. A large portion of this output has been in the experimental or ambient vein. However, Eno occasionally releases a song-based album where he actually adds vocals.

His latest disc, Another Day On Earth, is one of these efforts. The bountiful ambient elements are carefully and unconventionally woven into atonal melodies containing unusual lyrics. Teeming with lush production, ambient textures, and his trademark vocal style, this new release will be welcomed by long-time Eno fans and hopefully, you.

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