Found: Love Letter

By Gauntlet

There’s something about reading other people’s mail that drives us crazy. How tempting does a loved one’s newly-delivered letter look, sealed with glue and unopenable by anyone but the recipient? Anything could be inside it, and you may never find out what it is. Could your mundane neighbor actually be an international spy, not receiving his utilities bill but instead a list of this month’s targets for assassination? How about that letter your sister quickly pockets whenever you walk into the room? The potential of never having that knowledge can drive us wild, and it can be the most sublime feeling when we get to break the rules and read those forbidden words. Illicit mail reading is both a crime and a taboo of the higest order, but its illegal draw means that sometimes we need to bend those rules and allow our voyeuristic nature to be satiated.

With that in mind, this week we’re presenting you with something very special. Found on the floor of Murray Fraser Hall last week, this letter fulfills every naughty mail-reading fantasy we have: there’s intruige, romance, mystery and even a surprise ending. Even better, the letter is written as a strange journey into the mind of someone quite unstable. In short, it’s everything we imagine others’ mail to be.

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